Six Gary Daniels Movies That Will Knock Your Teeth Out

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Gary Daniels isn’t a name you hear tossed around the water cooler these days. Although the talented martial artist has starred in several action-packed direct-to-video “classics”, even the hardest of hardcore film fanatics aren’t overly familiar with the man’s less-than-incredible body of work. At their very best, Daniels’ low-budget endeavors are still several hundred light years away from the stuff Steven Seagal and Jean Claude Van-Damme are churning out these days. And while his recent efforts are largely considered to be the cinematic equivalent of a hard, dry bowel movement, I find them to be oddly enduring and totally satisfying. Feel free to toss my credibility into the nearest waste bin should the urge suddenly strike you. I won’t judge you.

Since Mr. Daniels is scheduled to return to the big screen in Sylvester Stallone’s 2010 action epic “The Expendables” this August, not to mention the forthcoming “Tekken” flick, I thought it was only fair to give the much-maligned action star the credit he rightfully deserves. Below you’ll find the cream of Gary Daniels’ admittedly wonky crop, arranged in a manner that’s both visually stimulating and incredibly informative. Well, as stimulating and informative as this sort of eccentric list can be. Do keep in mind, however, that these films are not intended for viewing by anyone who demonstrates a low tolerance for incoherence, goofy plotting, and wretched acting. You have been warned, my friend.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

Honorable mentions include: Charla Driver’s “Deadly Target”, Richard Pepin’s “Firepower”, and Joseph Merhi’s “Riot”. Valiant efforts all around.

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