The Trailer for the Skyrim Add-On Dawnguard Gives Me Chills. Serious Chills.

Were I a very rich man with absolutely nothing to do, I would spend hours upon hours just wandering around Skyrim. My addiction to the world is full-blown; if given the opportunity, playing the game is all I would do. And when I’d accomplished every last thing mission, crawled through every inch of the world, I’d start a new character and begin my journey again. However, I honestly don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Adding to my Skyim to-do list is the upcoming add-on “Dawnguard”, which, as far as I can tell, involves vampire hunters and their prey. However, as cool as that vampiric imagery may be, the most interesting part of the embedded trailer involves a dragon and a frozen lake. I won’t say anything else for fear of ruining the surprise.

Right now, Xbox 360 owners are the only folks getting a crack at “Skyrim’s” first expansion pack, which is set to arrive sometime this summer. The DLC is going to set you back 1,600 points, but I’m sure it’s well worth the expenditure. If you’d like a shot at joining the beta, pay a visit to the official website and sign up. They’re choosing individuals sometime next week, so whatever you do, don’t delay. You might miss out.

Via : Kotaku