The Transporter TV Show Lands at Cinemax

I made this joke during one of my reviews of the “Transporter” movies (I forget which one — how many have there been now, 50?), but I liked it so much I’ll use it again here. So, yeah, Frank Martin is the Transporter. This guy is the best at what he does, but he’s also got a conscience, so if you hire him to deliver something that he doesn’t agree with, he’s liable to screw you over by doing the right thing. Which makes me wonder why bad guys keep hiring this dude. Doesn’t it get around the bad guy water cooler than you can’t count on Frank Martin to do your bidding if what you need done is illegal? I mean, we’re already three adventures in, guys, get wise!

Anyways, as you may have heard, Luc Besson, never one to let a profitable franchise (or even a semi/kinda profitable one) go to waste, is working diligently on a TV series version of “The Transporter”. Word from Deadline is that Besson has teamed up with Showtime for the show, and the cable net has given the French auteur’s TV series a 12-episode first season order.

One assumes the TV series will continue focusing on a TV version of Frank Martin, probably played by someone other than Jason Statham, since I don’t see him lowering himself to TV work when he’s got plenty of movie action extravaganzas going on for him. The TV series, like the movies, is expected to be heavily International flavored. Besson will, of course, produce the series along with Atlantique.