The Troll Hunter Remake is Officially Official

As previously reported, Andre Ovredal’s “The Troll Hunter” is getting an American remake, and according to the director, he’s kind of okay with it. In fact, he doesn’t mind one bit. You could even say that he’s looking forward to cashing the paycheck seeing it “re-imagined” for an American audience.

Although it was originally believed that Universal had landed the remake rights, recent news would seem to indicate otherwise. According to Deadline, “Home Alone” and “Harry Potter” director Chris Columbus, teaming up with CJ Entertainment & Media, have grabbed the remake rights, and have set Marc Haimes to pen the adaptation. Columbus will produce, but no word if he’ll also direct.

The film, a shot-from-a-camera “mockumentary”, is about some kids who run across a grizzly troll hunter, and their hunting of said trolls. And yes, they do meet them. Quite a bit of them, as it turns out.

We’ve been all over the original “Troll Hunter”, and you can read Todd’s full review here, or Brent’s encapsulated review here. Magnolia also released the film through video-on-demand, so check your local VOD retailers if you’re interested. Original trailer below.