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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) Movie Title Treatment

  • Mzconcided

    That is rediculous why is it coming out in November it should come out in the summer just like all of the other twilight movies people been waiting all year and its coming out in November b.s.!!!!!!!!!!!

    • leigh

      yeah its really stupid they should not wait that long to just play the damn movie that’s how they are gonna end up losing people that like’s twilight and they probably don’t even give a shit about it they need to go on and fucking show the god damn movie.

  • Mesaiah

    yup i agree why do we have to wait so long for it to come out.

  • Ruby201

    Well i hope it good not lame

  • Ruby201

    Well i hope it good not lame

  • shona

    it all rides on this one, cant see it livin up to the book