The Twilight Zone Movie Lets Matt Reeves In

Matt ReevesThe big-screen version of “The Twilight Zone” has found its director in “Cloverfield” guy Matt Reeves, whose last movie was the vampire remake “Let Me In”.

Curiously, a studio short list didn’t even include Reeves when it was reported by Variety last month. The names Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Alfonso Cuaron, and Rupert Wyatt all showed up, but no Reeves. See, that’s the problem with reporting on these short list stories. Even if the original source makes them up from thin air, who would know? They could just say, “Well, it was just a list, I didn’t say they would get the job,” and move on along. Just sayin’.

In any case, Deadline reports that Reeves has been chosen by Warner Bros. to helm their movie, so now the two sides will be negotiating the terms of his service. If he signs on, Reeves would direct from a script by Jason Rothenberg, and unlike the previous “Twilight Zone” movie, instead of a horror anthology this new version would be a “big science fiction action movie with a single freestanding story” that shares the TV show’s “feel”, but that’s about it.

If all goes well and Reeves signs, the studio hopes to be shooting by Summer of next year.

“The Twilight Zone”, for those of you who have never owned a TV or are too young to remember, was a science fiction anthology TV show from 1959 created by Rod Serling, whose appearance bookmarks every episode. It was later revived in the ’80s, then again in 2002 (though the second time lasted only one season). This would be the second time the property is made into a film, with the first one in 1983 (below), though that movie has become known more for a set accident than the movie itself, which was mediocre, but had its moments.