The Villains of a Doctor Strange Movie Revealed?

Doctor Strange Comic Book Cover


From the sounds of it, Marvel is intent on bringing the Sorcerer Supreme to the big screen one of these days, perhaps sooner rather than later. Maybe that “Doctor Strange” movie you’ve all been waiting for is one of the two mysterious Marvel films Disney recently announced?

According to Latino-Review, it looks to be full-steam ahead for the good Doctor, with the site claiming to have “100% confirmation” that they know who Marvel’s reigning mystic superhero will be facing in the coming movie.

So who will it be?

Up first is some guy name Dormammu, who kinda looks like Ghost Rider. You can read all about him here. It’s a very, very long bio. They’re all very, very long bios.

Dormammu Comic Book

But he won’t be alone to cause the Sorcerer Supreme trouble. Nope. Coming along is this guy, Karl “Baron” Mordo, and you can read his bio here:

Karl Mordo Comic Book

And finally, they’ll have some back-up. An army of them, as it turns out, in the form of The Giant Mindless Ones, who we’re told are “extra-dimensional creatures summoned via magic to do the bidding of others”:

Giant Mindless One Comic Book

True? Untrue? Will we even get a Doctor Strange movie? All these questions, and more, answered … when Marvel feels like answering, which may not be anytime soon.