The Voltron Movie is a Go

Not too long ago, the guys over at LatinoReview got their hands on the Voltron script by Justin Marks and gave it very high marks in their review. Now word is that the Powers That Be at New Regency have given producer Mark Gordon the go-ahead to put the giant robot movie into production and develop it as (of course) a possible franchise. Considering all the positive buzz around Marks’ script, changes are the movie will be based off that, so read the LatinoReview if you want to know what the movie will be about.

Besides “Voltron”, Marks is one busy boy. He’s got “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” and the Green Arrow movie “Supermax” for Warner Bros. and yet another version of “Street Fighter” for Hyde Park and Fox.

As for Voltron itself:

Voltron is a shape-changing giant mecha robot first featured in the 1980s animated television series Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

The first episodes were based on the 1981 series Hyakujuu-ou Golion (百獣王ゴライオン – Hyakujūō Goraion, Hundred Beast King GoLion/FiveLion), and featured a team of five (six when later Princess Allura replaced Sven) young pilots commanding five robot lions, which could be combined to form Voltron. In this undefined future era, the Voltron Force was in charge of protecting the planet Arus (ruled by Princess Allura) from the evil King Zarkon, his son Lotor, and the witch Haggar, who would create huge Robeasts to terrorize the people of Arus. (This storyline is similar to those of the Toei Super Sentai shows, which formed the basis for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.) Despite being the first of the two robots to appear on American television, the “GoLion” version of Voltron was regarded as “Voltron III” within the toyline because, within the original planned “three-Voltron” continuity, Arus was the furthest setting from Earth’s side of the universe (“Voltron I” being intended for the Near Universe, and “Voltron II” for the Middle Universe).

Gah, more giant robots, this time from Japan. I guess “Transformers” really made an impact on Hollywood…

The Voltron Movie is a Go