The Wachowski Brothers is No More — Larry Becomes Lana

This is interesting. There’s no real movie movie news here, but since the Wachowski Brothers are such giants in the movie business, something as monumental as one of the brothers no longer becoming, well, brothers has to make the front page, right? Or, in this case, a movie news post. Remember all those rumors that Larry Wachowski was planning on getting a sex change? Well, it’s true, and Larry has now become … Lana Wachowski. That’s right, kids. You will now be using the wrong phrase when you refer to the Wachowskis as “The Wachowski Brothers”. Instead, they’ll just be The Wachowskis.

The guys over at has all the details about Larry’s journey from bro to dame. Basically, it took a year and a half, and included female hormone therapy for the transformation to happen.

So how does this affect the production of “Speed Racer”? Well, probably not very much. After all, Larry may have become Lana, but they’re still the Wachowskis, so I reckon not a whole lot will change with the movie. Rated-M hypothesizes that Larry/Lana won’t make a big deal about the change (i.e. speak to the press) until “Speed Racer” is released, because as silly as it sounds, the fact that one of the film’s directors going from a man to a woman may somehow harm the film’s appeal as a “family film”, which is really silly, but that’s the current state of social affairs in America for ya.

This is actually not that big of a deal if you’ve read Larry Wachowski’s bio on This passage in particular is worth nothing:

He left Bloom in 2002 for Karin Winslow, a professional dominatrix, who left her husband to take Wachowski on as her “slave.”


Word is Dateline NBC will get first dibs on the interview when Lana/Larry goes public with his transformation. I hope that Chris Hanson guy isn’t involved, for Larry/Lana’s sake…

Here’s the Wachowski Brothers before (Larry is the skinny guy):


Now the Wachowski Brothers after (Larry/Lana is now the skinny girl):

Larry Wachowski Becomes Lana Wachowski