The Wachowskis are Possible Contenders to Direct Justice League Movie

Lana and Andy Wachowski

“Speed Racer” notwithstanding, the Wachowskis (nee the Wachowski Brothers), have everything it takes to direct a big-budget studio Hollywood comic book movie. Hell, “The Matrix” films were essentially a comic book movie come to life, with their artificial intelligence machines, superpowered humans, battling mechs and what have you.

Among the people being considered (Ben Affleck, for one, but he’s since said he’s not interested), Moviehole quotes unnamed sources as telling them that Warner Bros. has the Wachowskis as the next names on their list. Apparently the studio is very “jazzed” with what the Wachowskis did with “Cloud Atlas”, their highly ambitious, visually stunning looking film set for later this year.

Warner Bros. LogoI always thought Warner’s decision to go to Ben Affleck first was kind of odd. Granted, Affleck’s got a couple of good films under his belt, but he’s done nothing that would lead me to believe he could handle something as massive on the scale of a Justice League movie. Seems like Warner was going a bit Marvel there, the rival studio basically specializing in hiring out of left field names to helm their big-budget movies.

Still, a “Justice League” movie as directed by the Wachowskis? That sounds like a pretty damn impressive film if it does happen. The marketing would be a no-brainer … “From the makers of ‘The Matrix’…” etc.

Of course, whether they say Yes or No, is open to debate. They’ve done comic book before (they wrote and produced “V for Vendetta”), but you could say that, childhood fave “Speed Racer” aside, the siblings have always been a little subversive in their works, and I’m not sure a straight-up superhero team-up movie like “Justice League” would really be something of interest to them.

So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they pass on this. Who’s next?

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