The Wachowskis Placing Robin Hood in the Hood


Apparently realizing they can’t actually make a living doing films that no one besides Arianna Huffington’s readership will be seeing (aka their gay Iraq War movie “Cobalt Neural 9″ aka “CN-9″), the Wachowski siblings, Andy and Lana (formerly Larry), have set up a modern, urban take on the Robin Hood myth to be called “Hood” over at Warner Bros. The siblings wrote the script, and plan to direct.

Since the setting will be, literally, the hood, the Wachowskis have begun reaching out to black A-list stars to front the film, with Will Smith’s name coming up as one of the candidates. Which leaves, um, who else? Denzel Washington? And then, um, who else?

Anyways, aside from that brief plot (a modern take on the Robin Hood myth), not much else is known about the film. This, as you might have guessed, is meant to keep the film secret and thus wet your appetite to really, really see it. It’s, you know, a Hollywood thing. Just humor them.

'Yo yo yo. Robin Hood be stealing your shiznit, bitches!'

Author: Nix

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  • Whohar99

    well thats the movie title sorted.. “Robin in the hood”

  • anom

    Yo Yo Yo Robin Hood be stealin your shiznit?very progressive way of thinking.

  • Anonymous

    No, just, no.

  • Ulik

    Yes Sir,that’s wasup! He’s that ilmatic acrobatic that robs for good, he’s truly nice at it,robin the rich to give back to da hood, as he wears one(a hood) to prepare one or 4 arrows at a time,much quicker than a trigger or thought to prep this rhyme . While other dudes packin’ uzi’s for him it’s just a doozy for a cat that stacks arrows with the eyes of a sparrow, no time blink and no time to think, one eye winks,you got arrow tips splittin’ through ya bone marrow. Yeah,The Prince of Thieves so sick wit it when he’s out to get it,it’s so hard to believe. Yeah,yeah son! Na’meen, na’meen, na’m sayin! You know how we do, our aim is true, Merry Men, doin’ it again! Yeah,yeah! Shout out to my man, Big Monk, Lil’ John, “Too” Much the Millars Son, and my dude Big Bill Scarlock. One Love Baby!!!

  • Bad Zack

    umm wouldnt that reallly just be GREEN ARROW … i say they just do that and cast justin hartley from smallville and make it very matrix looking

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      LOL. Yes Green Arrow is pretty much the modern day Robin Hood, except he’s already rich and doesn’t exactly steal.

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      LOL. Yes Green Arrow is pretty much the modern day Robin Hood, except he’s already rich and doesn’t exactly steal.

  • John

    As a conservative, economically libertarian, social Darwinist I am against this film. They might as well make a movie showing Hitler in a positive light.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    I’m not against modern retellings if done right. Analogy,s and homages to things in the original but not trying to completely ape the story. Something more along the lines of “Beastly” where you get the story but the characterss and places aren’t exactly the same. I don’t want a Sherwood Park or something LOL. But seriously it can work it just has to be done right. A modern person inspired by the story may work, but then it gets to cliched. It’d really have to take it as if the original story nevr happened. Much the way the “Sherlock” tv show was done as a modern take on the character. Also Heard Will Smith may be looking at the role.