The Wachowskis Placing Robin Hood in the Hood

Apparently realizing they can’t actually make a living doing films that no one besides Arianna Huffington’s readership will be seeing (aka their gay Iraq War movie “Cobalt Neural 9” aka “CN-9”), the Wachowski siblings, Andy and Lana (formerly Larry), have set up a modern, urban take on the Robin Hood myth to be called “Hood” over at Warner Bros. The siblings wrote the script, and plan to direct.

Since the setting will be, literally, the hood, the Wachowskis have begun reaching out to black A-list stars to front the film, with Will Smith’s name coming up as one of the candidates. Which leaves, um, who else? Denzel Washington? And then, um, who else?

Anyways, aside from that brief plot (a modern take on the Robin Hood myth), not much else is known about the film. This, as you might have guessed, is meant to keep the film secret and thus wet your appetite to really, really see it. It’s, you know, a Hollywood thing. Just humor them.

'Yo yo yo. Robin Hood be stealing your shiznit, bitches!'