The Walking Dead 1.03 Tell it to the Frogs Sneak Peek Clip

Here’s the first released sneak peek clip from next week’s episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. It’s a three-minute clip from “Tell it to the Frogs”, which finds Rick reunited with Lori and Shane, but now has to face the fact that he left ol Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker) handcuffed to the roof of the department store inside Atlanta with zombies trying to get at him. Turns out, Merle’s got a little brother named Daryl (Norman Reedus) and he ain’t happy about it. Not one bit, nosirree.

I gotta admit, I was pretty disappointed with Michael Rooker’s guest spot in “Guts”. Rooker is an awesome actor, but man, his stereotypically racist character was just so weak. It does look like they’re giving Daryl more to do, though, so maybe there will be some conflict there, perhaps the little brother isn’t as bad as the big brother, isn’t sure who to follow, that sort of thing. One hopes, anyway. If nothing else, at least there is some range to Daryl that’s obvious from this 3-minute clip that looked pretty non-existent with Merle in the entire “Guts” episode.

By the by, it looks like Shane’s taking Rick’s return pretty well. Or at least, on the outside…

“Tell it to the Frogs” airs next week on AMC.