The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead Trailer

The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster

This is a Sponsored Editorial.

Nowadays, if you’re not watching AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, then you’re probably not interested in chatting at the water cooler later on Monday at work with your co-workers. Or at school with your classmates. (Or that weird guy that smells and lives behind your dumpster.) Because it seems like EVERYONE is watching “The Walking Dead”. Who knew zombies would ever become so popular? I certainly didn’t, especially when I was dieting on a stream of shot-in-your-backyard zombie movies for all those years. Who knew I was ahead of my time?

Courtesy of Skybound, Hyundai, Future US, and Initiative, here’s a trailer for “A Decade of Dead”, celebrating 10 years of “The Walking Dead” TV show, comic book, and all things zombie.