The Walking Dead Will be Invading Airwaves with a Season 3 Weekend Prevew in July

Andrew Lincoln in THE WALKING DEAD Season 3

(And oh yeah, there’s this new pic of Andrew Lincoln as survivor alpha male Rick, wielding a gun with a silencer, too. That’s kinda cool. I hope it doesn’t mean ol Rick’s given up on his six-shooter, though. That’s like his signature weapon, after all.)

If you happen to be a social outcast and have nothing better to do with your Saturday and Sunday next month, on July 7th and 8th, and you also happen to be a huge fan of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV show, then boy, do I have news for you, buddy!

AMC will be running a “Walking Dead” marathon starting on the 7th and continuing into the 8th, and will be re-airing all 19 episodes from the show’s first two seasons. As a treat for those of you who plan on sticking around through all 19 episodes, there will be this:

Throughout The Walking Dead Marathon, Hardwick will introduce each episode from the set of season three in Atlanta, giving viewers a glimpse of the new sets. Along with several cast members and producers, he will set up the storyline from each episode, and discuss the classic moments and unique characters featured. In addition, every episode with be wrapped with exclusive character and scene-specific content from the first two seasons, including behind-the-scenes footage and sit-down interviews with the cast.

The marathon will be followed by a live taping of “Talking Dead”, which promises even more Season 3 goodies as well as the usual celebrity fans of the show and a cast/crew or two.

And oh, get this: after that “Talking Dead” live episode, you’ll once again get to see the pilot episode — except this time in black and white. Apparently as an homage to the Robert Kirkman comics, which are, of course, all in black and white.

Hey, not a bad weekend if, you know, you don’t have anything better to do, I mean. But then again, that’s what DVRs are for, right?

“The Walking Dead” Season 2, meanwhile, is due on DVD/Blu-ray August 28, 2012.

Via : AMC