The Walking Dead Casts its Death-Dealing Michonne


Danai Gurira in Treme TV Series


When “The Walking Dead” returns for its third season this Fall, Rick Grimes will get a deadly new ally.

Michonne!!! Yup. In case you didn’t catch this little casting notice during my review of “The Walking Dead” Season 2 finale, here it is again.

The little lady with the deadly swords finally showed up in last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead”, which also happened to be the show’s explosive, bloody, and conflict-rific Season 2 finale. After the episode aired, “Walking Dead” creator/co-showrunner Robert Kirkman told the chatfest “Talking Dead” that they had already cast Michonne for the upcoming season in the form of “Treme” actress Danai Gurira. The official announcement came later.

Michonne, for those who have never read the comics that the show is based on, is a former lawyer armed with some deadly sword skills. She is revealed (played by a stunt double) in the last few minutes of the Season 2 finale, saving Andrea’s life after the lone survivor had exhausted all her ammo and was on the verge of becoming zombie snacks. After some initial reservations, the character eventually becomes one of Rick’s more trusted allies in the comics.

Here’s a quick screencap of the character from last night’s episode:

Michonne in The Walking Dead - Beside the Dying Fire

And someone was nice enough to put Michonne’s appearance on YouTube, but honestly, I don’t know how long it’ll stay up there:

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  • Dedpool

    Not bad casting! She looks like she will rock the part. The cameo was sick!!

    • Brent McKnight

      I stood up and cheered and scared the hell out of my dogs when she popped up on screen. Stoked.

  • X_p

    this show is ridiculous good right now!!! they were losing me with all the baby momma drama and at one point i almost turned it off completely when it was turning into melrose zombies 90u812… but these last few episodes have been been terrific. i never read the comic but im fully on board with the show, and the swordalicious intro of this new character was on point(all the puns intended)… consider me sold on this shows next season!

    • zombieslayer

      i couldnt have said it any better

  • clarkspark

    I got goosebumps when I saw Michonne. XD

  • zombieslayer

    omg i have a new favorite character and this bady is it i hope we get to see her/rick/and andrea reck S#!t in Season 3 ps shane got what was coming to him im sure Michonne would feel the same if they ever decussed it ! besides this i cant wait for resident evi retribution either also resident evi 6 omg i have soo much entertainment to look foward to !!!

  • Chazz Laureta

    Michonne how do you trained that zombie you holding on and that zombie is very harmfull to you and he dont have arms