The Walking Dead Continues to Shamble to the Top of the Ratings

After the record-breaking pilot, AMC’s “The Walking Dead” dipped in the ratings a tad for its second episode, but has risen back to the top (or close enough) for the third episode, yesterday’s “Tell it to the Frogs”, which featured the long-awaited (well, as “long” as two episodes can be, I suppose) reunion between Rick Grimes, wife Lori, and son Carl.

“Frogs” took a bite out of the viewing audiences to the tune of 5.1 million viewers, with 3.3 million adults in the 18-49 demo group. The pilot, by comparison, did 5.3 viewers, with the second episode dropping slightly to 4.7 million. Hell, a lot of cable shows would love a “drop” like that.

No surprise, then, that AMC has already greenlit a second season with twice as many episodes.

Here’s an extended sneak peek clip from next week’s episode, “Vatos”: