The Walking Dead: Episode 1.04 Vatos Promo Images and Sneak Peek Clips

Jim the tall skinny guy goes nuts in the survivor camp while Rick and the boys run afoul of more zombies and some survivors (the “vatos” of the episode title, we presume) back in the city of Atlanta. Will Norman Reedus’ Daryl go nuts when they can’t find his racist brother? Did said racist brother manage to survive the zombies? And why do people keep calling them “walkers” and “geeks” but never “zombies”? All those questions, and more, answered in this week’s episode. Okay, maybe not all of them…

Rick’s mission to Atlanta is jeopardized when things go awry. Jim becomes unhinged in camp.

Check out two sneak peek clips and promo images from this Sunday’s new “The Walking Dead” episode, 1.04, “Vatos”.