The Walking Dead Finally Elects its Governor

David Morrissey and The Governor

Well, I guess we won’t be seeing Merle Dixon again anytime soon. Or at least, if he does come back, it won’t be as the Governor that many had speculated the elder Dixon, last seen sans one hand, would eventually become after his near-escape from becoming zombie munchie in Season 1. Which is somewhat disappointing, as the idea of Michael Rooker playing the Governor, who now has a very personal vendetta against Rick and company, would have been really cool.

Instead, AMC has officially cast British actor David Morrissey in the role instead. Morrissey was recently in the Jason Statham actioner “Blitz” and the period drama “The Other Boleyn Girl”, not to mention the unfortunate “Basic Instincts 2” with Sharon Stone.

The Governor won’t show up in Season 2, but will be saved to make his nefarious introduction in next year’s Season 3, which the cable network has expanded into 16 episodes.

Besides the official casting of Morrissey as the Governor, whose appearance in the comics causes lead Rick Grimes dearly, it looks like things are coming to a head for the two alpha males of our favorite group of survivors, as next week’s episode promises a major showdown between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his former best buddy Shane (Jon Bernthal).

As the saying goes, this farm ain’t big enough for the both of them…

Via : THR