The Walking Dead Finally Elects its Governor


David Morrissey and The Governor

Well, I guess we won’t be seeing Merle Dixon again anytime soon. Or at least, if he does come back, it won’t be as the Governor that many had speculated the elder Dixon, last seen sans one hand, would eventually become after his near-escape from becoming zombie munchie in Season 1. Which is somewhat disappointing, as the idea of Michael Rooker playing the Governor, who now has a very personal vendetta against Rick and company, would have been really cool.

Instead, AMC has officially cast British actor David Morrissey in the role instead. Morrissey was recently in the Jason Statham actioner “Blitz” and the period drama “The Other Boleyn Girl”, not to mention the unfortunate “Basic Instincts 2″ with Sharon Stone.

The Governor won’t show up in Season 2, but will be saved to make his nefarious introduction in next year’s Season 3, which the cable network has expanded into 16 episodes.

Besides the official casting of Morrissey as the Governor, whose appearance in the comics causes lead Rick Grimes dearly, it looks like things are coming to a head for the two alpha males of our favorite group of survivors, as next week’s episode promises a major showdown between Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his former best buddy Shane (Jon Bernthal).

As the saying goes, this farm ain’t big enough for the both of them…

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Author: Nix

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  • Thecrow77

    I agree, they should have made Michael Rooker the governor. He would have fit the role well.

    • Nix

      Yeah, they really screwed the pooch on that one. Rooker and Rick Grimes had a MAJOR history after Season 1 and it would have lent the show a nice continuity instead of just introducing a new character out of the blue. After all, why did they save Rooker’s character anyway if not for this? The only reason I could see is that Rooker decided not to return, but that seems likely since he even showed up for a hallucination scene…

      • Dedpool

        Yeah i agree. And yet I get it. Everyone figured that’s what it was for, and though it would’ve worked gloriously, we saw it coming and that PLUS the characters comicbook actions that would’ve made it into the show would give us a bunch of, I saw that coming moments. The show has done a wondrous job of not sticking completely to the comic so who knows. For all we know Merle could show up at the Prison.

        • Nix

          Sure, comic book readers would see it coming, but let’s face it, 99.9% of the show’s audience have never read the comics (or any comics), and Merle would have made a great ongoing show villain. It seems like such a waste.

          • Dedpool

            Not just Merle but Rooker. Rooker is always good and yeah it’s a waste of his talents. But Like I said he could still show at the Prison, or even be one of the Mayor’s hired goons.

  • Juggernaut

    I’m still waiting for the reunion with Morgan and Duane Jones from season one.

    • Dedpool

      Well if they are going to bring him in it would be soon as he’s at the Prison when Michonne is around too.