The Walking Dead Renewed for Season 6

Ahead of its Season 5 premiere this Sunday, AMC has officially renewed “The Walking Dead” for a sixth season. Which makes this the most boring news all day, because let’s face it, even if the ratings for “Dead” tanks this year (and there’s no indication it’s in any danger of doing that), the network would still give it another year to try to, ahem, come back to life.

Season 5 kicks off this October 12th, with Rick and co. fighting back against their captors at Terminus.

From the looks of the trailers, they apparently turn the tables on the bad guys pretty fast. Or at least, they don’t stay in that train car for very long at all. Too bad. I was looking forward to an episode where everyone tried to ignore each other’s growing BO.

Oh well, maybe next year.

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead Season 5