The Walking Dead Season 2 Preview and a Sneak Peek at Next Week’s Episode

Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal in The Walking Dead

If you caught last night’s “The Walking Dead” Season 2 premiere episode (90 minutes, give or take about an hour of commercials, natch), then you know that the final minute or so is both beautiful and brutal, just the way “The Walking Dead” likes to do things. Which leads to next week’s episode, ominously titled “Bloodletting”. And from all appearances, “Bloodletting” will also introduce us to the Hershel brood and their homestead, aka Hershel Farm.

Two clips below, the first is a sneak peek at next week’s episode, which finds T-Dog (IronE Singleton) trying to convince RV’ing man Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) to hightail it before the others get back. Dale ain’t buyin’ it, but T-Dog is dead set on it. After all, the black guys do always die first in horror movies, right?

The other video is a Season 2 preview showing a lot of upcoming episodes, not just next week’s “Bloodletting”. Apparently Shane and Andrea do, eventually, break away from the group, though they don’t exactly have it easy by their two little twosome. And not one, or two, but three helicopters?

“Bloodletting” premieres next Sunday on AMC.