The Walking Dead Super Bowl Spot and First Clip from This Week’s The Suicide King

Norman Reedus in THE WALKING DEAD Time Warner Commercial

Well that didn’t take long, huh? When “The Walking Dead” closed up shop last year with its mid-season finale, it seemed like it would be forever before we would get the rest of what is turning out to be an action-packed and quite stellar Season 3.

You won’t have to wait too much longer, boys and gals. Everyone’s favorite flesh-chomping show is set to return this Sunday with the episode “The Suicide King”, which will find The Governor and Rick locking horns once again. Who will Andrea side with? Who the hell knows at this point. Crazy woman.

Check out a clip from “The Suicide King” below:

Also, you might have caught this Time Warner TV spot for “The Walking Dead” during the Super Bowl. Bonus points has Norman Reedus reprising his Darryl character, crossbow included:

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC this February 10th. Tune in or get eaten, kids.