The Walking Dead: The Movie?

Walkers in The Walking Dead (Season 2)

AMC’s uber hit “The Walking Dead” won’t be shambling back onto the airwaves with its third season until this October, as is its wont (unless, of course, you have Dish network like I do, in which case you’re shit out of luck — thanks, AMC and Dish!), but once the show wraps — or perhaps, even before the show wraps — what then?

How about a “Walking Dead” movie?

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead - Beside the Dying FireCiting unnamed “friends” within “The Walking Dead” production, Bloody-Disgusting claims they are hearing “rumblings of a feature film” based on the Robert Kirkman comic book and now highly successful weekly TV show. But apparently the talk of a movie came about during “non-business conversations”, i.e. not in any studio or network boardrooms, and perhaps just a couple of dudes eating sandwiches at the lunch room.

Basically, take it with a heavy grain of salt.

Curiously enough, “The Walking Dead” was originally pitched as a movie, before AMC showed up and turned it into a TV show. But as a movie? I don’t know if it wants to go there. Right now, it has it good — a serialized show on TV, where it can distance itself from the glut (and I do mean glut) of zombie fodder currently cramming for your attention on the big screen and screens in-between. You can toss a rock at a videostore and hit a dozen zombie movies of varying shapes and sizes and budgets, not to mention quality.

With that in mind, a “Walking Dead” movie might be a good idea once the show wraps, but I don’t see the point now, or for a few more years yet.

In case you missed it, here’s what to expect from the upcoming Season 3 of “The Walking Dead”: