The Warrior and the Wolf Teaser Trailer Seduces with Maggie Q. Plus, Epic Battle Stuff.

From what I can tell, veteran Chinese director Zhuangzhuang Tian’s upcoming period epic “The Warrior and the Wolf” has some Chinese soldier types wandering into the desert and getting their fill of some supernatural happenings. Maggie Q. shows up to seduce the hero and have passionate sex by a campfire. Plus, wolves show up in packs. I’m sure there’s more to that, but until a full trailer shows up, here’s a teaser trailer for the movie, which is due out in China late 2009.

In the Era of the Warring States, before the unification of China, thousands of soldiers are dispatched to fight the enemy and conquer nomadic tribes. Sent to remote regions at the edges of the known world, the soldiers encounter many adversities, and the brutal challenge of survival often brings out the worst human instincts. But valiant Lu Chenkang (Joe Odagiri) belongs to a different breed. He is brave, loyal and extremely skilled in the art of war. Nevertheless, he is kind-hearted and averse to murder. Though he has a pet wolf cub, he keeps his own animal instincts at bay.

When his commander and friend, General Zhang Anliang (Tou Chung-hua), is badly wounded just before the incipient winter, Lu takes over command of the troops. Forced to find shelter in the village of the mysterious Harran tribe, he discovers a beautiful young woman (Maggie Q) hiding in his refuge. A widow shunned into solitude, she has a fierce personality and fights Lu in every way she can before surrendering to his passionate embrace, having fallen for him against her better judgement. She seems to possess the strange ability to take his mind to a place where memories collide with dreams and legends – a place where humans were once wolves.

Starring Maggie Q , Jô Odagiri, Chung Hua Tou, and directed by Zhuangzhuang Tian.

Via Yeoh. The film is currently showing at TIFF. Thanks to reader Dan for the heads up.