The Warrior’s Way Finally Surfaces at Relativity Media

Those who have seen an early extended promo trailer for writer/director Sngmoo Lee’s fantasy/Western martial arts movie “The Warrior’s Way” (originally titled “Laundry Warrior” way back in the day, before someone smarter changed it) may be wondering whatever became of the film.

Here’s a quick update: the film has landed over at Ryan Kavanaugh’s Relativity Media for distribution, which means, yes, you will be able to finally see it after all. That’s the good news. The bad news? As expected for a film that has set on the shelf since 2008 when it was finished, the movie won’t be getting anything approaching a decent theatrical release. Instead, “The Warrior’s Way” will be released on December 3 through what is called “a rent-a-system deal”.

“The Warrior’s Way” stars Korean actor Dong-gun Jang as a master swordsman and assassin who comes into possession of a baby, forcing him to flee his enemies and seek sanctuary in a small town in the American Badlands. The film co-stars Kate Bosworth as the love interest, with Geoffrey Rush, Danny Houston, and Tony Cox filling out the International cast.

The film is essentially a mixture of fantasy, the familiar American Western, and Korean swordplay movies. Basically, gunfighters, cowboys, bandits, and sword-slinging assassins. Take a look at the extended promo trailer below and you’ll get a much better feel for it.