The Wolverine Went to a Funeral and a Fight Broke Out in New Clip

Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine (2013) Movie Image

What’s that old saying? No rest for the wicked? I guess that’s pretty appropriate in this second clip from James Mangold’s “The Wolverine”, which finds Logan at a funeral that turns into a fight with some Yakuza bad guys. It’s a good thing Wolverine always takes his weapons everywhere with him. I guess you could say they’re always within reach. Ahem.

I also couldn’t help but notice that most of the action here is pretty bloodless. I guess that PG-13 rating is the result. Mind you, not that I think viewers are ready to see blood splattering everywhere when Wolverine pops his claws and goes to work, but it sure would be fun. I guess this is also the same reason why a “Deadpool” movie is not even close to being realized. It would have to be a Hard R, and studios just aren’t ready to commit to something like that. Yet.

Based on the celebrated comic book arc, “The Wolverine” finds Logan, the eternal warrior and outsider, in Japan. There, samurai steel will clash with adamantium claw as Logan confronts a mysterious figure from his past in an epic battle that will leave him forever changed.

Starring Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Hiroyuki Sanada, Haruhiko Yamanouchi, Tao Okamoto, and Rila Fukushima, who is destined to become a fan favorite, and will no doubt have a big ol movie career (if not in America, then certainly in Japan) once the film opens and beyond.

Wolvie does what he does best this July 26th.