The Wolverine Will Indeed Shoot in Japan

Hugh Jackman as WolverineHonestly, I don’t know if it really matters, in this day and age where you can set a movie on Mars or on a completely 3D alien planet light years away and populate it with realistic looking lifeforms and all manner of creatures great and small. When you can do all those things on the big screen without actually, you know, going there, does where you actually shoot a movie actually matter anymore? Perhaps.

I personally don’t think so, but in case some of you do think it matters, and you find the idea of a Japan-set “Wolverine” movie not shooting in Japan to be a tad odd, don’t be. According to 20th Century Fox president Tom Rothman, “The Wolverine” will indeed shoot on location in Japan, with set work to be done in Australia as previously reported.

Directed by James Mangold (“3:10 to Yuma”), “The Wolverine” would send the feral Canucklehead to Japan in a storyline based on the Chris Claremont and Frank Miller limited-series Wolverine comic book from the ’80s. There, Wolverine will have to contend with a Japanese love interest, a ninja assassins clan called The Hand, and a mean, super-powered Samurai or two.

Production on the long-delayed sequel is expected to finally commence this August for a July 26, 2013 release date, with Hugh Jackman, of course, back as the man with the sharp fingers.