The Wrong Side of Town Trailer Features Rappers, Extra Cheese

The first thought that popped into my peanut-shaped head after watching the trailer for director David DeFalco’s upcoming action extravangaza “Wrong Side of Town” was, and I quote, “When did someone resurrect PM Entertainment and why wasn’t I notified?” The film, which stars Dave Batista, Ja Rule, and Stormy Daniels, looks like it’s arrived on the scene twenty years too late to qualify for relevance. Still, as someone who shamelessly enjoys the work of both Gary Daniels and Don “The Dragon” Wilson, the film looks like it should supply plenty of time-wasting entertainment without the use of too many brain cells. Of course, it may destroy several more in the process, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Besides, it’s not like I have anything else to blow them on.

Here’s the lowdown on the specifics:

In order to save his kidnapped daughter, an ex-Marine is forced to take on a gang of killers when an accident leaves the brother of a malicious criminal dead.

“Wrong Side of Town” is ready to teach suburban kids about inner city survival on February 23rd. The trailer in all its glory rests below. Good luck.