Theatrical Trailer for the South Korean Horror Outing White: Curse of the Melody

Who in their right mind would pass on a motion picture that follows the supernatural downfall of an all-girl K-pop group after they cover a mysterious song found on an old VHS tape? The film’s premise is a little goofy, but to be perfectly honest, I really don’t care. As I’ve said before, there’s something intriguing about “White: Curse of the Melody”, though I’m unable to readily put my finger on it. Instead of extrapolating on the subject, I’ll just direct your attention to the embedded video. If you’re not completely sold afterwards, I suppose there’s nothing else I can do to convince you otherwise.

Before continuing, read this handy synopsis:

Girl group Pink Dolls, made up of the lead singers Jenny and A-rang, former backup dancer, Eun-ju and rapper, Shin-ji, are struggling to get their name out. In the new office the group’s agency moves into, Eun-ju finds an old videotape of an untitled music video. The song recorded on the video is dark and gloomy — but also mesmerizing. The group showcases the number and receives immensely positive feedback, their best ever.

Excited, the Pink Dolls decide to release the number as their new single under the title “White” and begin a gruelling practice regimen. It’s at that time strange things start happening to each member. Main vocalist Jenny passes out during a practice session. Young A-rang becomes hostile towards her close friend Shin-ji and suffers a bad reaction to a cosmetic. Shin-ji becomes very competitive and jealous, and is injured during a photo shoot. Believing the series of suspicious incidents is related to the music video, Eun-ju looks into the mystery behind it. Soon, she too, falls victim to the curse.

“White: Curse of the Melody” arrives in South Korean theaters on June 9th, 2011.