Theo James Will Carry on the Underworld Torch

Theo James in Underworld - Awakening (2012) Movie Image

Previously reported as a reboot of the franchise, it now looks like the “Underworld” series will just continue on with a new lead.

Theo James, who last battled humanity and werewolves at the same time when he played a vampire named David in “Underworld: Awakening” (the fourth in the series) will reprise his character in the new movie, taking over as the lead from Kate Beckinsale, whose Selene was at the center of the “Underworld” universe for three out of its four movies. (The only one she wasn’t the star of was the third part, which was a prequel starring Rhona Mitra.)

James’ character will star opposite two new female characters currently being cast.

“Underworld: Awakening” was not a bad movie … if you like the “Underworld” franchise. As I recall, James’ character in that movie was something of a fanboy to Beckinsale’s Selene. The film was set in the future, so I’m guessing that’s where this latest movie will be set as well.

“Awakening” made $160 million worldwide and $62 million domestically, but I guess that wasn’t enough for the studio, who must have decided Kate Beckinsale can’t carry the franchise anymore.

Here’s a look at James from the 2012 movie:

Via : THR