There Be Blood in The Trailer for Jason Lapeyre’s Cold Blooded


Zoie Palmer in Cold Blooded (2012) Movie Image

I’ll give him this: Jason Lapeyre sure didn’t skimp on the blood for his intense looking crime flick “Cold Blooded”. I’m not entirely sure how hygienic it is for the film’s lead to be walking around what seems like half the movie with her face caked in blood, though. It certainly makes for a startling visual, I’ll give the film that, especially considering what a pretty lady in Zoie Palmer they have underneath all that blood. If that’s what they were going for, mission accomplished? Anyways, check out the first trailer for “Cold Blooded”, people who enjoy checking out movie trailers on the web.

A female police officer has to keep a prisoner from escaping a nearly abandoned hospital unit at the same time his violent partners come looking for him.

The film stars Ryan Robbins, Zoie Palmer, Bill MacDonald, Sergio Di Zio, Huse Madhavji, and Thomas Mitchell. I’ve never heard of any of those people except for Palmer, who stars in the Canadian-produced supernatural show “Lost Girl”.

No word on where you can see it, but according to the film’s Facebook page, “Cold Blooded” will be showing up at the Fantasia International Film Festival later this month.

Cold Blooded (2012) Movie Poster

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    ryan robbins played henry in the sci fi series sanctuary, a regular on the guard also quite a few bit parts throughout stargate and many other canadian filmed tv shows. He is quite the fantastic canadian actor.

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    Sergio Di Zio is a wonderful actor, currently playing Spike on “Flashpoint” (entering its final and 5th season this fall).