There is clearly a demand for Ace Ventura 3

JoshFlitter(Article by Tom G.) As the ‘official’ Jim Carrey journalist on Beyond Hollywood, it is my pleasure to announce that Ace Ventura 3 is going into production this September, but sadly die hard Carrey fans will be disappointed that the comedian isn’t going anywhere near it.

It seems that those who loved Dumb Dumberer and Son of the Mask are going to experience a case of deja vu, since another ‘classic’ Carrey flick is getting a revival without the star, and I can pretty much guarantee this one is going to get the same treatment…but then again When Nature Calls did feature Carrey and that was fairly diabolical…and well the first film wasn’t exactly a masterpiece…so I guess this news isn’t as devastating as a new Bill Ted movie or The Goonies 2.

But for those interested, Ace Ventura 3 will feature Josh Flitter (annoying looking child actor who is currently featured in License to Wed), who will star as the son of the titular pet detective (someone actually slept with Ace? Now that would be quite an interesting scene).

For those thinking ‘well this isn’t going to work’, I’d like to reassure you by mentioning that the director is David M. Evans. For those living under a rock who don’t recognise the name, this fella happened to have directed The Sandlot and Beethoven’s 4th (well least he’s giving Judge Reinhold work!)

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