No Jean-Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport Remake (Plus, Taken 3 Confirmation?)

Bloodsport (1988) Movie PosterCurious (or perhaps just hoping) if Jean-Claude Van Damme will make a cameo (or heck, even have a bigger role) in the upcoming remake of “Bloodsport” from director Phillip Noyce and producer Edward Pressman? Well you can stop hoping now, because according to the film’s writer, Robert Mark Kamen, there is no room in the remake for JCVD. As in, at all.

In a far-ranging and actually quite intriguing interview with Crave Online, the very prolific Kamen, who recently penned the sequel to “Taken 2” (he also wrote the first movie) dives into anything and everything, including his past Hollywood works. (Kamen, in case you don’t know, works almost extensively as the English writer for Frenchman Luc Besson’s movies nowadays, though he still does script doctoring for producers. For instance, did you know he wrote huge chunks of “Lethal Weapon 2” and “Lethal Weapon 3” without getting any official credit?)

As far as the upcoming “Bloodsport” remake, Kamen puts the kibosh on any JCVD cameo. And he should know — he’s writing the script:

This film resembles the original in title only. It has nothing to do with any Kumite contest. It has nothing to do with Frank Dux. If the title was not the same, you would not associate the two films. To use JCVD would make no sense because the association would be lost as the story has nothing to do with the first one. If anything it would be a distraction.

“Bloodsport” has its fans, as do most of Van Damme’s ’80s works, so this will no doubt piss off the JCVD acolytes. Where’s the respect, am I right?

But according to Kamen, the remake is so vastly different from the basic tournament fighting model of the first film, that it probably makes sense not to have any JCVD-ness anywhere near this new version. Then, uh, why call it “Bloodsport” in the first place? You got me.

The Crave interview with Kamen is really fascinating, and I recommend a read.

By the way, Kamen also essentially confirms that “Taken 3” is probably on the way. Okay, it’s definitely coming — as long as they can convince Liam Neeson to return. A huge payday should just about accomplish that, I think. After a $50 million opening, are you surprised?

Maggie Grace and Liam Neeson in Taken 2 (2012) Movie Image

“You hear that, Maggie? That’s the sound of my paycheck for ‘Taken 3’ arriving by Brink truck. Cha-ching!”