“There Is No Top Gun 2 In Which Maverick Is Not The Starring Role.”

Lots of “Top Gun 2” news has surfaced over the past few weeks. First and foremost is that it is happening at all, and on Monday Tony Scott confirmed that he is indeed on board for the sequel. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing, and Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie will handle the script.

The rumor is that the plot will focus on the new generation of Navy pilots, and that Tom Cruise’s hard-flying, hard-loving, hard-volleyballing, Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell will return, though in a diminished role. McQuarrie himself quashed these rumors in an email to Vulture, saying that, “There is no “Top Gun 2” in which Maverick is not the starring role.”

This begs the question, if the picture is going to focus on the younger pilots, how exactly does Maverick fit into the puzzle? Will he come back as a Top Gun instructor, maybe assume the roles once filled by Tom Skerritt and Michael Ironside? I could get behind him being a grizzled instructor, nonchalantly chomping on a cigar as he cuts these new-jacks down to size. Let’s hope they go that direction instead of trying to do something stupid, like introducing a new, young Maverick. Maverick has to be Tom Cruise or no one at all.