These Two Guys Might Play Barry Allen aka The Flash in Arrow

The Flash Comic Book

For some reason, I’m really, really excited about The Flash showing up in the CW’s “Arrow”. Mostly because it’s just an excuse to spin the character off into his own show. I like “Arrow”, but I’m guessing a “Flash” TV series will speed (ahem) to the very top of my to-watch list. I’ve just been a really big fan of the character from Day 1, ever since the original “Flash” show in the early ’90s with John Wesley Shipp. The only problem I’ve ever had with it was that, well, how do you fight a guy that can outrun time?

With the character set to make his CW debut in this upcoming second season of “Arrow”, with his episodes set to shoot this September 30th, it probably behooves the network to quickly cast the character Barry Allen, the Flash’s civilian alter ego.

According to Latino-Review, after a round of screen testing, three contenders have emerged. The site has the name of two of those actors, but not the third, and they are …

James Mackay

James Mackay


Matt Barr

Matt Barr in Hatfields and McCoys

And, of course, an unknown (for now, anyway) third candidate.

Both of the actors above are in their late ’20s. The Australian James Mackay is mostly known for TV work, with occasional movie roles in the likes of “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, while the American Matt Barr was recently in Kevin Costner’s “Hatfields and McCoy”, and was previously a regular on the CW’s “Hellcats”.