They’re Already Rebooting Underworld … 2 Years After the Last Movie

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld Evolution (2006) Movie Image

Remember when you thought Sony jumped the gun with remaking Spider-Man a mere 5 years after the last movie? Well, Lakeshore Entertainment’s going to top that: A mere 2 years after the last “Underworld” movie (which would be “Underworld: Awakening” in case you’re keeping score at home), the studio is already moving forward with a reboot of the franchise.

Yes, the term being bandied about is “reboot.” Not “remake.” Is there a difference? I have no idea, but saying they’re going to “reboot” it would seem to mean, well, rebooting it. You know, go back to the original and start all over again?

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld Evolution (2006) Movie ImageMaybe. It’s Hollywood. They confuse me with their fancy terms and whatnot.

In case you think it’s all talk, well, it’s not. Lakeshore has already plopped down the cash for Cory Goodman, who last wrote the Paul Bettany actioner “Priest” and the Vin Diesel actioner “The Last Witch Hunter,” to reboot the crap out of a screenplay for them.

The original surfaced in 2003 from director Len Wiseman and creator Kevin Grevioux (who also co-starred in the series). It starred Kate Beckinsale as a sexy vampire who slays werewolves, but ends up falling in love with a human, resulting in all manner of shenanigans for the two species. And, er, the human race as well, I guess. The 2003 movie was a surprise hit, and spawned three sequels as a result, including a prequel starring Rhona Mitra.

Since they’re rebooting the franchise, it seems unlikely Beckinsale will return in the starring role, especially since she’s, well, not a young girl anymore. Depending on who you ask, the series was worth watching either because of its vampires vs. werewolves action…

…or Kate Beckinsale in tight black pleather.

Via : THR