They’re Kids! They’re Police! They’re Kid’s Police!

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Kid's Police (2013) Movie Image

When happens when you take a gritty, hard boiled crime story and fill it with children? You get the oddly amusing action flick “Kid’s Police.” The full-length motion picture is based on the Japanese television program of the same name. Instead of adult actors, all of the roles are played by kids. Pretty original, huh?

Eh, not really. Director Richard Lowry covered similar territory with his forgotten 1988 buddy cop flick “Hawk Jones.” Although the film is doomed to languish in obscurity, it is worth mentioning that “Kid’s Police” isn’t the first to employ this particular cinematic gimmick. By the way — if you haven’t seen “Hawk Jones,” I strongly recommend tracking down a copy as soon as possible.

The big screen adaptation of “Kid’s Police” is set to arrive in Japan next March. While you’re waiting for that day to get here, why not take a look at the teasers embedded below. If “Kid’s Police” is half as entertaining as “Hawk Jones,” then I’ll be a very happy little boy.

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