They’re Making another Scorpion King Movie and This Guy is the New Scorpion King…

Though honestly, if my “Scorpion King” IQ is correct, technically he’s just some dude who hasn’t risen to the level of the Scorpion King ala the Rock in the “Mummy Returns” and after that, his own “The Scorpion King” movie. There was a direct-to-DVD movie that told the (made up bullshit) origins of the Scorpion King as you’ll recall (read my brilliant review of that movie here), and this latest movie, given the casting, would seem to be a follow-up to that little piece of genius.

News from What’s Playing is that Victor Webster (yeah, I have no idea who he is, either, but apparently he’s been in “Castle” and “Melrose Place” — that’s him looking all shirtless to your left) is in line to play the third incarnation of “The Scorpion King”, taking over for, of course, the Rock and Michael Copon, who played the character in 2008’s “The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior”, a film most notable for starring UFC champ Randy Couture as the (bad acting) bad guy.

The plot of “Rise of the Dead”? Mathayus must take on “impenetrable bad dudes in the wilds of the Northern Tribes in 3000 BC.” No word if Karen Shenaz David (below), who played Mathayus’ impossibly Grrl Power companion in the first direct-to-DVD movie will be back, though that seems unlikely. Unfortunately.

Roel Reine, who recently finished the direct-to-DVD sequel to “Death Race”, will direct.