Things Get Messy in First Trailer for Paul Tanter’s He Who Dares

He Who Dares (2013) Movie Poster

Obviously it’s not a good idea to kidnap the Prime Minister’s daughter when some badass SAS types are around to respond. Cause you know, being badasses, they’re probably doing to save the day. That’s just what they do. It’s probably no surprise that that’s exactly what happens in director Paul Tanter’s “He Who Dares”. Tanter is the writer/director of the “White Collar Hooligan” series, of which there are three at the moment. Who knew white collar hooliganism could be so lucrative?

Check out the trailer for the actioner “He Who Dares” below. Looks like you’ll get some fisticuffs with your gunplay, which is never a bad thing.

On Christmas Eve a group of ruthless masked terrorists kidnap the Prime Ministers daughter, fortifying themselves in an underground car park rigged with explosives. Crack SAS operative Chris Lowe and his team are sent in and must take the building one level at a time.

Starring Tom Benedict Knight, Simon Phillips, Christina Bellavia, Ewan Ross, Ben Loyd-Holmes, Zara Phythian, Kye Loren and Lorraine Stanley.

The UK gets it this Christmas.

He Who Dares (2013) Movie Poster