Things Get Mildly Creepy in the First Trailer for The Child’s Eye 3-D

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If you ask me — and I’m pretty sure you didn’t — the Pang Brothers need to find a new shtick. “The Eye” franchise was entirely played out after the first sequel, which, truthfully, wasn’t even that scary. A few well-placed jump scares does not a horror movie make. However, that hasn’t stopped the siblings from cranking out yet installment in this stagnant franchise, namely “The Child’s Eye 3-D”. That’s right — 3-D. It sounds intriguing in theory, but given my experience with movies in the third dimension, I’m not going to hold my breath. For better or worse, the trailer lies below. Thanks to Twitch for the scoop.

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Arthur

    One thing is for sure, the Pang Bros. know how to make some good horror/ghost films. “The Eye”, “The Eye 2″ and “Re-Cycle” are awesome films. I wish “The Eye” 1 and 2 would be released on blu-ray. “Child's Eye” 3-D looks pretty good. I just recently watched the Hong Kong ghost film “Womb Ghosts” and it scared the mess out of me and “Rule No.1″ wasn't too bad either. But Thailand has some real good ones like “Shutter” and “Alone” directed by the same team. “4bia”, “5 Prang” aka “Phobia 2″ and “Coming Soon” were good as well. But South Korea has been making some really good ones lately too like: “Apartment”, “Death Bell”, “Whispering Corridors 5: A Blood Pledge”, “Arang”, “The Red Shoes”, “Loner” and “Hidden Floor”. Japan has been kind of stale. I hope Takashi Shimizu's “The Shock Labyrinth” is good.