This Bangkok Dangerous Clip is Not Directed by John Woo

Yup, there’s no doubt about it — if the Pang Brothers ever knew how to direct a cool action scene, they must have forgotten during the filming of Nicolas Cage’s “Bangkok Dangerous”, because there doesn’t seem to be anything remotely cool about this latest clip from the remake, which has Nicolas Cage’s hitman character shooting it out with a couple of spastic locals in a red-light-ish back room full of empty water cooler bottles. I seem to recall a similar scene taking place in the original film (also directed by the Pang brothers), but that movie seemed infinitely cooler on the action. But hey, maybe all the red light has screwed up my eyesight. See it for yourself below.

A hitman who’s in Bangkok to pull off a series of jobs falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy.

A bit of trivia: The local woman and errand boy in the remake are named Fon and Kong, respectively, which are also the names of the female and male character leads in the original “Bangkok Dangerous”.

It gets dangerous September 5.