This English-Subtitled Badges of Fury Trailer is Extremely Silly

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Badges of Fury (2013) Movie Image

Although I love “The Expendables” franchise like nobody’s business, I’m not necessarily a fan of how Jet Li is used in the films. I was really hoping that director Wang Ziming’s action flick “Badges of Fury” would be a return to form for the veteran actor. Although the trailer you see embedded below features Li beating the cinematic crap out of quite a few people, it’s also infused with some extremely corny comedy. I honestly didn’t expect that.

The setup is pretty basic: Two cops, one younger and one older, are on the track of a notorious killer. Along the way, they’ll encounter busty women in revealing very outfits and a wide variety of comic mischief. The fights might look solid, but I’m just not sure about the goofy sense of humor. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Or depressing.

Check out this handy synopsis:

When a spate of eerie murders erupts across HK two troublemaking cops are assigned to the case. Young maverick WANG and grizzled vet HUANG who is fed up with his reckless younger partner always landing them in hot water. Reaching a dead end after discovering all the victims were former boyfriends of aspiring starlet LIU, the detectives must play a deadly game. One of them must go undercover as Liu’s lover to lure the killer out.

“Badges of Fury” stars Jet Li, Collin Chou, Wu Jing, Wen Zhang, Liu Yan, Liu Shishi, and Stephen Fung. The movie opens in China on June 28.

Badges of Fury (2013) Movie Poster

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