This Is It Poster Released

1308_13693639081That’s right, the dirt has barely settled around Michael Jackson’s grave and the money grabbing has already begun. Set for release on the 28th of October, ‘This Is It’ (Directed by Kenny Ortega) follows Jacko in the months before his death, as he rehearsed and planned for his 50 date residency at London’s O2 Arena.

Kenny Ortega calls this film “a gift to Michael’s fans,” and it promises to be an intimate look at the man at work, preparing for “the greatest concert that no-one got a chance to see.” It will undoubtedly play on the tragedy inherent in the death of any influential person, chopped down before their time, and leaving concerts unplayed, songs unwritten, and words never spoken. Some beauty lost to the world forever.

Ortega was a friend of Jackson’s, his director on the ‘This Is It’ shows, and is probably genuine in his comment about the film being a final gift to the fans. The raw footage totaled over a hundred hours, and with such a large amount of material focusing around one of the most genuinely interesting celebrities in recent memory, the film is set to be simultaneously uplifting, tragic and endearing.

So if you can’t get enough Jacko, I hope this poster should satisfies your curiousity for now, and I also hope that this film is something for the true Michael Jackson fan, not just another in a long line of desperate posthumous portraits. Apologies for my cynicism, but I sense the distinct possibility that this is just going to be dry footage shamelessly resurrected in order to make a quick buck out of a man who deserves genuine respect for his influence on modern music. All we can do is hope that I am wrong.