This Time It’s Really the Final Destination. Just Kidding.

Oh come ON. Don’t tell me you’re shocked by this news via AICN that Warner Bros. President Alan Horn has just confirmed yet another “Final Destination” movie? Despite the fact that they said the last one, titled “THE Final Destination” would be, well, the “Final Destination” movie ever? After all, the previous film made a nice chunk of change: $181 million worldwide from a measly $40 million dollar budget. If Hollywood is willing to invest in a sequel for a moderate hit, they would have to be out of their minds to ignore this type of return on investment.

There’s absolutely no reason why a fifth installment wouldn’t be just as lucrative, too. Get a dozen or so pretty young actors and actresses who you’ve never heard of, toss in some gratuitous T&A, and hire a veteran genre director (or go the complete opposite and get a flashy up and coming director for cheap) and toss in the gore and you’ve got “Final Destnation 5”.


Run, death is coming! Oh wait, that's just a studio executive. Nevermind.