This Trailer For Vegetarian Cannibal Might Ruin Your Appetite

Vegeterian Cannibal (2012) Movie Image

Just a heads up, this trailer for “Vegetarian Cannibal” might cast a dark shadow over the rest of your day. Thought you should know that going it. This video is full of what appear to be very late abortions, dog fighting, dirty sex, and a bunch of creepy gentlemen. You know, all sorts of general nastiness. Hailing from Croatia, this is already garnering comparisons to “A Serbian Film”, and from the looks of things, that seems rather appropriate. If nothing else, this is a definite front-runner in the most-fucked-up-movie-of-the-year sweepstakes.

Dr Danko Babić (Rene Bitorajac) is a successful gynecologist in his mid-30s. Although clearly an expert in his field, he is an unscrupulously ambitious and utterly despicable person. Babić’s best friend is chief police inspector Ilija (Leon Lučev), with whom he takes part in sport-betting scams, and who leads him to ‘controversial businessman’ Jedinko (Emir Hadžihafizbegović). Jedinko deals in hard drugs and high-end prostitution (naturally, with police support), and needs a gynecologist to take care of his ‘employees’, meaning doing illegal abortions for the pros. It all represents government, organized crime and corruption working hand-in-hand, typical of Croatian society.

The trailer doesn’t have English subtitles, but you get a solid idea of what’s going on from the brutal shenanigans on screen. “Vegetarian Cannibal” won both best director and actor prizes at the Pula Film Festival.

Via : Twitch