This Walking Dead News Contains SPOILERS Only if you Don’t Watch the Show

Chandler Riggs in The Walking Dead

The following news is only a SPOILER if you didn’t catch last night’s season 3 finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. Frankly, if you’re a big enough fan of the show, you would have already seen last night’s finale, which makes this not really all that big of a spoiler. But just in case there are some of you who didn’t get to see how Season 3 wrapped up for whatever reason, the following would, indeed, contain a SPOILER.

Having said that — go see the Season 3 finale of “The Walking Dead”, then you can come back and re-read this article. You have been warned.

David Morrissey in The Walking DeadAnyhoo. For those of you still reading, you won’t be surprised to learn that AMC has re-signed David Morrissey to stay on the show as a Season 4 regular. Morrissey plays The Governor, the erstwhile leader of the Woodbury faction. Since most of Woodbury’s citizenship have been transplanted over to the prison by Rick and company at the end of last night’s episode, it’s a sure bet Woodbury as a location is gone when the show returns with its Season 4 in October of this year. Though the Governor, apparently, remains very much a nuisance for the upcoming episode, enough to get a “season regular” title.

I was one of those people hoping that the show would wrap up this prison-Woodbury-Governor saga this year with the season finale, as it really seemed to have run its course, with much of the middle section one filler episode after another. As anyone who saw the Season 3 finale already knows, though, the big “war” between Woodbury and the prison ended with a whimper and, astoundingly, zero casualties despite everyone wielding assault rifles, vehicle-mounted machineguns, and grenade launchers. It was a season-long build-up for what amounted to a 5 minute skirmish with everyone shooting but no one getting hit. Which is a little ridiculous and left my jaw on the floor, and not in the good way. (Carl popping that kid in the woods was basically the only bloodletting from the “war”.)

In fact, the episode’s major casualty came when the Governor decided to start a new army — by single-handedly gunning down the old one. Or, most of them, anyway.

It’s astounding to me that they couldn’t wrap up the Governor storyline with a 16-episode season, but are apparently going to spend all of Season 4 on it again. Good grief.

Speaking of which, here’s a 6-minute featurette that looks ahead to “The Walking Dead” Season 4:

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