Thomas Dekker to Get Loose. Footloose. Now Everybody Get Loose.

“Footloose” is one of those ridiculously watchable movies from the ’80s, with Kevin Bacon playing a city slicker who shows up in a small town where dancing has been outlawed become some kids died one day while coming home from, you know, dancing. Or some such. It’s very silly, but apparently not completely fictional, because back in the good old early days of rock and roll, there were plenty of silly stuff like that going on in America. And so, they’re remaking it, as they must, but the sequel hasn’t exactly been getting traction (ahem, get it?), and has already lost a director and star.

According to the LATimes, the frontrunner to replaced TV actor Chace Crawford as the rebellious dancer is another TV actor, but one with a much more solid movie pedigree — Thomas Dekker of “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and more recently, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. (On the directing side, Craig Brewer has since replaced Kenny Ortega.)

I gotta admit, though, as solid an actor as Dekker is, he would be a pretty strange choice to play a dancing teen slicker. Plus, he’ll be acting opposite “Dancing with the Stars'” Julianne Hough. The two don’t exactly, you know, “fit”. But hey, that’s why they call it acting, right?

In any case, at least now the lovely Hough (below) won’t have to worry about killer cyborgs from the future.