Thomas Edison: Crime Fighter

NBC LogoIn case you haven’t noticed, the trend nowadays is finding a famous historical figure and revealing a previously unknown (re: totally made up for your entertainment) part of his past that usually involves fighting crime, fighting supernatural evil, or doing something adventurous during his formative years. Everyone from Edgar Allen Poe to Marco Polo to H.G. Wells to Leonardo da Vinci have gotten the treatment.

The latest famous man to hit the TV airwaves in a new NBC TV series is Thomas Edison, the American inventor of the electric light bulb and motion picture camera, among many, many other patents.

The show is being developed by Mark Johnson and John Shiban (“Hell on Wheels”) and will be called “Edison”. Set in 1880s Manhattan, it will follow prolific inventor Edison, who moonlights as a “secret consultant to the under-trained and under-equipped New York Police force. Edison, aka the original Tony Stark, uses his inventor instincts and retro-cool devices to deconstruct crime scenes and pioneer new technology.”

This actually reminds me a bit of the H.G. Wells TV show that the guys behind “Warehouse 13” tried to do, but it never went anywhere. In that one, Wells was re-envisioned as a spunky babe.

Back to “Edison”. Despite the setting, the show will look and feel more like Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” movies — a period show with modern sensibilities, if you will. I guess that makes sense. You’re already “re-inventing” the man himself, so mind as well go all the way and make it fun, too.

Daniel C. Connolly (“Longmire”) is writing the script.

Thomas Edition

Via : Deadline