Thomas Jane and Steve Niles Teams Up for Sci-Fi Mini-series

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Via Mania, who points to a Sci Fi Wire article about an upcoming mini-series for the Sci Fi Channel that will be produced and starring Thomas Jane, in collaboration with Steve Niles, creator of the upcoming “30 Days of Nights”. The mini-series has no title yet, but will star Jane as an astronaut who crash lands on a planet. He ends up befriending the indigenous population, eventually becoming their leader. Things turn complex when humans arrive 10 years later to rescue Jane’s character, and he’s forced to choose between his own race and the planet’s natives when trouble brews between the two sides.

I’ve always been a fan of Jane, despite the disaster that was the first “Punisher” movie. I always thought he had a good action movie or two in him, but he’s just never had the chance to find one yet. (“Deep Blue Sea” was just too silly to take seriously.)

Steve Niles, meanwhile — well, I hear he’s a good horror writer.

Thomas Jane and Steve Niles Teams Up for Sci-Fi Mini-series

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