Thomas Jane Joins Sylvester Stallone’s Headshot

The Punisher is about to take on the Expendable! Or, er, Rocky. Or Rambo, I guess, would be the better movie reference to use. Anyhoo.

Thomas Jane has officially confirmed that he’s signed on to co-star with Stallone in the latter’s “Headshot”, set to be directed by Walter Hill of “48 Hours” fame.

In the movie, Jane will play an NYPD cop who teams up with Stallone’s New Orleans-based hitman when a common enemy takes out their respective partners. No doubt this will mean they go around town killing pretty much everyone with powerful weapons.

I like Jane. I always thought he was pretty good as the Punisher in the 2004 movie. The problem with the film was never Jane, it was always writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh’s inability to “get” the character, and for some reason insisted on setting the whole thing in sunny Florida. That made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It’s too bad Jane never got a second chance at the role.