Thomas Jane vs. Satan’s Army in The Devil’s Commandos

Thomas Jane is a pretty cool guy. Or at least, that’s what people who have met the guy tells me. That, and his choice of movies have been very genre-friendly, which gives you the impression that if Thomas Jane wasn’t a handsome movie star that gets paid an obscene amount of money to play pretend on the big screen when he’s not too busy shagging hot starlets in his trailer, he would be a fan just like you and me, and would be sitting in a dark theater watching some girl getting cleaved with a machete cause, gosh darn it, ain’t that what makes going to the movies so much fun? Jane’s latest, we’re told, will be the World War II horror movie “The Devil’s Commandos”, in which Jane will direct and star as a soldier whose unit runs afoul of Satan. I always suspected those Germans were up to no good.

The news (and mock poster for the movie) comes from the film’s writer, Todd Farmer, who last wrote and directed “Jason X”, and recently wrote the remake of “My Bloody Valentine 3D”, Farmer tells STYD the following:

“Devil’s Commandos is a Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher) story,” Farmer tells us, passing along the artwork below. “Turns out, not only can Timmy draw, his noodle churns out some rockin’ ideas. Who knew? But I told him if I wrote the thing he wouldn’t get any credit. He’d end up as a footnote somewhere. So I suggested he write it with me. Tom will star and direct in 3-D to follow his Dark Country debut. Plan is to start after Tom wraps Hung.”

Farmer and Jane previously collaborated in 2007 when the former wrote the comic book series Alien Pig Farm 3000. “Devil’s Commandos is about a WWII commando unit sent on a rescue mission. Pretty straight forward. Except for the part where hell opens up and they have to fight Satan’s army.”

Putting horror in a World War II setting is nothing new. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s become a genre all its own. And hey, why not? If shooting a dirty stinking Nazi in the head is fun, imagine how much more fun it would be if said stinking Nazi was a zombie, or vampire, or demon from Hell? Good times, good times…